Whyline: - An app that eliminates the need to wait in line

Whyline is a smart phone app that helps you to search places, be informed about the estimated wait time of a real time queue for a particular venue & then virtually join a line/queue at your place in your selected venue and thus save on unnecessary waiting time.


Why would you choose Whyline?

  • Seamlessly search or browse places around you to see live wait times and levels of congestion at any moment in time.
  • Check in and enter the line remotely from any location (for select venues).
  • Receive updates as your spot nears the front of the line.
  • Provides you with an options of choosing between alternative venues based on venues close to your area code.
  • Access any place’s Website and Map and get their contact information.
  • Share information with your family and friends.
  • Customize the app by creating your own custom profile and upload your picture.
  • Options to add frequently visited venues as your favourite venue options.
  • Easy to access and 24/7 customer support services.

Where can you download the app from?

  • Will be available in Apple store (iTunes) for iOS users.
  • Will be available in Google Play Store for Android users.

How to use the app?

  • Minimum iOS version required to use the application on your Apple phone is 8.0
  • Minimum version required to use the application on your Android phone is 4.4.4

Process of setting/registering your new account in Whyline app:

You can sign up with your Name, email and password, or Sign in as a guest.

Signing up as a guest does not require you to actually create a unique login and password for your account in the app.

Login options via Facebook and Twitter will be available imminently.


How to recover a forgotten password?

Tap on the “Recover Password” option on the home screen and then enter your email that you had used to create the account, which will be treated as your username. Once you have entered your email address, an email will be sent with instructions on how to reset your password.


What functionality is available to me with Whyline?

After logging in you get to see the following options:

Main categories and their functions

Browse:It allows you to search for all places around you by category or genre.

My Lines: If you have already selected a line, it will show up in this tab.

Search: It allows you to search any place of interest on the map. However, please note that you cannot perform a search if you are not logged in.

Favorites: It shows the places, shops, shopping malls which you have previously marked as your favorite.

Virtualine: It allows you to enter into a line and let Whyline do the waiting for you. You can see your spot in the queue, how many people are in front of you, and the estimated wait time until you are going to be called. Please note that this option is not available unless you have established an account.

Profile: Displays your personal info used to create your account. You can change your password, view your contributions to the community and will also be able to see how much time you’ve saved in aggregate by using Whyline.

Feedback: You can leave a comment or share your experience with the Whyline app development team through this tab.


Sub Categories & their functions

Under this tab you will see the following options:

  • Near You
  • Search
  • Favorites
  • Virtualine

In the “Near You” tab you will get to choose from a list of categories that will help you search for places of interest around your current location.

The categories are as follows:

  • Airport
  • Amusement Park
  • Aquarium
  • Art Gallery
  • Bank
  • Bar
  • Barbershop
  • Bicycle Store
  • Book Store
  • Cafe
  • Casino
  • City Hall
  • Clothing Store
  • Dentist
  • Department Store
  • Doctor’s Office
  • Electronics Store
  • Furniture Store
  • Grocery / Supermarket
  • Gym
  • Hardware Store
  • Home Goods Store
  • Hospital
  • Jewellery Store
  • Liquor Store
  • Local Government Office
  • Movie Theatre
  • Museum
  • Night Club
  • Pet Store
  • Pharmacy
  • Point of Interest
  • Post Office
  • Restaurant
  • Shoe Store
  • Shopping Mall

For all the above mentioned categories, when you click on each of them, you will get a list of available options (pertaining to your choice) near your current location with the corresponding address and an indication of the current level of congestion that you can expect to experience there at that time.

You’re also able to see each of their respective locations on the map by clicking on the map icon on the top right corner of the screen. Return to contents.

Once you click on any one of the particular venues listed, you will be taken to a page where you can see more detailed information about the existing level of congestion, including a graphical display by day of the popular hours for every hour that the venue is open.

You can also provide your feedback about the approximate waiting time that you personally experienced by selecting one of the following options:

  • Short line, or relatively empty - Green
  • Some line, or somewhat congested - Yellow
  • Long line, or heavily congested – Red
  • If no congestion data is currently showing for a particular restaurant, the color coded circle will appear white.

The page also provides you with access to its official website, a link to its location in Google Maps, it’s phone number, and an option to set it as a favorite for use going forward.

Let’s Illustrate an example: If you’d like to reserve a table at a popular restaurant near you, but don’t want to have to go there and physically wait for 45 minutes until you are going to be seated, you can perform the following steps:

Click on Whyline- it says welcome to the home page which give your four options

Under Near You tab there are more sub categories which we need scroll down to select “Restaurants”

It will then provide you with the restaurants near you along with the corresponding levels of congestion for each restaurant. It will also highlight those restaurants from the list that you have the ability to enter into the line from the app.

Once you select your desired virtualine enabled restaurant from the list, you will be able to view the current wait time to be seated, how many people are already waiting in front of you and the ability to enter into the line virtually and let the app wait on your behalf.

Once in the line, you are free to choose what to do with your time instead of waiting at the actual restaurant. You will be able to see the real-time updates to your spot in the queue at any point thereafter and can also receive push notifications or SMS messages as your spot is your table is close to being ready with plenty of advanced notice.

And if you are subsequently running late, you can hit the “Reset My Place” button or alternatively hit the “Leave Line” button if you need to cancel altogether.